Hi! Welcome to Katwal Asset Management!

A Bit About Us

We have been trading in Stock Markets since 2009 and have ventured into Algorithm Trading now. Our vision is to make Katwal Asset Management a place "where money grows...". Towards that end, we design Trading Algorithms for Indian Stock Markets in Equity and FNO Space. Our primary objective is to build Algorithms which have less draw down during bad times and fast recovery and growth during good times to achieve profitability while reducing the risk associated with Financial Markets. When designing, back-testing, forward-testing and implementing a strategy, our focus is to reduce the draw-down phase for strategies. If losses can be reduced, profitability automatically comes hence resulting in smooth equity curve.

We hold regular Live Trading sessions every month wherein traders can learn from live trades of Katwal Asset Management which helps them understand the nuances of Trading in a practical way. 

Traders can also learn Options Trading from "Definitive Guide to Advanced Options Trading by Rohit Katwal"; book designed specifically for retail traders to earn consistently from Options Trading.