focused algo.png

Focused Algo

Our leading #BANKNIFTY intraday straddle. Requires a starting capital of 2.25 lakh and a built in risk management system. This is one algo which is constantly performing in all types of market.



Ladder Algo Bank Nifty

This is next iteration of Focused Algo just with an extra conservative approach in SL handling on #BANKNIFTY straddle. Equity Curve is slightly smoother then focused algo, but end result is almost same.  

Ladder Nifty Strangle.png

Ladder Nifty Strangle

For a diversified strategy portfolio, we have a Nifty Strangle based strategy. It is a strategy with a consistent equity curve. Runs only on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. It can be implemented with 2.25 Lakh.  


Reverse ORB

Reverse ORB is our inhouse developed algo which can be implemented with minimum of ₹2.0 Lakh/- . It works in Cash Market using 4 times intraday limit. Results are phenomenal.