Quad Algorithm
Capital Required: 8.5 Lakh



Quad Algorithm is probably the best algorithm in Stock Market at present. It executes 4 lots of Bank Nifty weekly Options.


Main focus of the Quad Algorithm is to reduce draw-down and fast recovery. 

1 Multiplier of Quad Algorithm requires a capital of ₹8.5 Lakh

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Trio Algorithm
Capital Required: 6 Lakh

Monthly ROI.PNG

Trio is a #BANKNIFTY Intraday Algorithm focusing mainly on reducing the maximum loss percentage i.e., 3.3% max loss on weekly options in a month

It has slightly higher draw down period of 78 days seen in April, May, June 2022 but losses are considerably less and still net profitable for 2022. 

Trio requires capital of ₹ 6 Lakh.

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Ladder Algorithm
Capital Required: 4.8 Lakh


Monthly Roi.PNG

Ladder Algorithm is a Nifty based strangle. It only runs on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday

Ladder is a conservative Risk: Reward algorithm with max loss of ~3200 over a month or any day on 1 multiplier. 

We run minimum of 3 multipliers of Nifty Ladder Algorithm.

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Portfolio Algorithm
Capital Required: 14.7 Lakh


Portfolio Algorithm is an ultimate Amalgamation of Quad, Trio and Ladder Algorithm. Each Algorithm working cohesively with other algorithm hence smoothening the equity curve.


It helps in diversification of strategies. Max loss any month has been seen at just -4.3% for 71 days.  Since Feb 2019, we just had 2 losing months. 

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