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List of all the Algorithms we have back tested, coded, deployed with help of Python and Java.

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Quad Algorithm

Quad Algorithm is BANKNIFTY Algorithm specifically designed with keeping draw down in check. It has multiple non-co-related strategies that run from Monday - Friday on weekly options. The strategies comprising Quad Algorithm are a mix of directional and non-directional strategies. Strategies are further designed according to the day of the week on how options are expected to behave. For e.g. Friday will be a day of booking profits whereas on near expiry days we let the options expire worthless.


Capital Requirement: ₹8,50,000 Lakh

Deployment: BANKNIFTY


Expiry Algorithm

This Algorithm is specifically designed for FINNIFTY and BANKNIFTY expiry on Tuesday and Thursday respectively. Since, it is the expiry day, most of the options tend to go to 0, hence a high probability day to run expiry only Algorithm.

Capital Required: Rs. 14,00,000/-

Quad Plus Algorithm

With increased retail participation in options trading, increase in volatility is inevitable. 2022 was manifestation of such volatility. Quad Plus Algorithm is further extension of BANKNIFTY Quad Algorithm designed to tackle volatility. In addition to non-co-related strategies, we have increased variation of day-based strategies. For bigger participants to make money, volatility eventually subsides, and increased strategies help take benefit of that period by keeping draw down and max loss in check during unfavourable times. To an extent Quad Plus is also partly hedged apart from strangle hedge.

ROI- QP.png

Bullseye Algorithm

Options don't behave in same way on all the days. That is why we made Bullseye Algorithm with different strategies for different trading days. All the strategies are non-co-related and run only once a week. Shout out to market makers and crazy Algorithms who hit stoploss both the sides. To hit our stoploss both sides, market will have to be extremely crazy. And then also we have stoploss in place. Our primary focus is to reduce draw down and no. of draw down days. Profits automatically follow.

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