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Hi !

Options Trading can be tough. It doesn't have to be. I experimented a lot with options since 2009. In 2017 when I started trading in options there was not much available on How to Trade Options in Indian Markets. Although the fundamentals remain the same, information was scarce. As far as weekly options are concerned, it was an all-new different instrument which lacked context. It has evolved over time now. 

I started with Stock Options. Problem was liquidity issues which does not leave trader with many options in strategizing. 

That is why I shifted to Index Options. It provides ample liquidity and since we are only watching one instrument, it is easy to understand. And hence began my journey in Index Options Trading. 


And ever since, I have been trading Index Options for a living. In this book, I have shared a complete trading system for anyone who wants to trade in the Options. 

My Story

Trading Index Options was not an easy task. Without a proper system, any trading method can fail. I was thrilled by some options trader who used to sell penny options with 10 times leverage. I started doing the same. Even after following the proper risk management, I was making money in 8 expiries and then 1 expiry, before I can take a stoploss, I was standing at a draw-down of 10%. Which made me think that my trading method was not right. Any 1 day can wipe my 8 days of profit. That is why I stopped Intraday with Leverage and started doing positional trading. 

Positional Trading was not easy. One needs to work on various parameters to make profit at the end of the week. My target was to make consistent money for stock market to meet my basic needs. So, it must be a sound system with least risk. You need to understand:

  • What is the direction of the market?

  • What is the optimum volume I should trade?

  • What strategies to deploy?

  • Where to book profit?

  • And if in case of worst-case scenario, how will I manage my positions?

In the book: Definitive Guide to Advanced Options Trading, I have shared the complete process of how I evolved into a positional option trader. How I use Options to derive monthly income from the market. 

I believe "market has enough for our need but not enough for our greed" and with that view in mind, this book is written. It tells you how to be analyse the markets. How to be profitable. 

If you understand:

  1. Long Call

  2. Short Call

  3. Long Put

  4. Short Put

Then this book is for you.

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