Options MAS

**Consent form is at the bottom after you have read all the details.

We open your account with a preferred broker. 

The minimum amount required to opt for MAS is ₹10 Lakh. 

Algorithm trades in systematic calendar spreads wherein 70-80% capital is utilized in a single trade. All systematic trades are undertaken with the help of an Algorithm. 

Details of the systematic calendar spreads and their performance for last year is shared below.

Disclaimer: - Katwal Asset Management does not offer any assured/guaranteed returns to any of its clients. These are systematic trading strategies that can make a profit as well as loss. Past performance is not a guarantee of future performance. Investment/Trading in security markets is subjected to market risk. Please understand the nature of the risk by analyzing all the statistics provided. ​ 


Capital Requirements

Capital Required - ₹10,00,000/-

Deployment - Systematic Calendar Spreads

Execution - Based on systematic signals


---- 2% upfront is charged before starting the services (one-time non refundable subscription fees)​

---- 20% profit sharing charged monthly on profit

----- GST of 18% is charged separately. 

----- There is no service locking period

---- If the month is in loss, we carry forward the loss to next month and only charge

when the account is in cumulative profit.

Feel free to contact us at katwalassetmanagement@gmail.com or message us via telegram on t.me/rkatwal

How to Enroll for MAS ?

  1. Fill the consent form by clicking the button given at the bottom of the page.

  2. We will contact you and open your account with your preferred broker.

  3. It requires 7-8 days to open an account as some physical documents are required. 

  4. Once your account is set, we start trading

  5. You can monitor your account at any time.