Profit ₹ 1,78,000/- for 7 February - 13 February 2020

I did not post profit/loss for 1st week of February 2020. It might be bad luck, but due to an employees mistake 3 accounts went into 7% stoploss as they failed to execute a particular put that was to be squared off. It ended up eroding profit for that week for 3 clients and resulted in loss of 7%. Rest all the accounts went into a 1% profit each. But it was an eye opener to how not let that happen. Had to put few extra checks and measure in place from now on so changed my expiry day strategy. On expiry day, I am only doing hedged trades so even if there is loss, it is not more than 1000 or 2000 Rs. even if it gets unattended.

Else the profit was 98,000/- for the first week. Recovery for rest of the accounts has already started. This strike of bad lucked kept me emotionally drained for the full week. Trade log is available in "Trade Journal".

Second week went fine and all accounts cumulatively made a profit of ₹1,78,000/-.

Note - Open positions are not mine and belongs to another client.

Trade Journal

Rohit Katwal

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