Profit ₹ 1,90,000/- (Personal) for March 2020

I did not trade PMS accounts this month due to following reasons:

  1. When the fall came it was pretty intense, unrecognizable and violent. Levels we were seeing on Nifty were unheard off and it was an unknown territory. Every day market was breaking previous records so I deemed it fit to wait for a week.

  2. After that volatility was off the charts and I was waiting for little stability or base formation even if we were bearish to enter fresh. But it was a recession kind of move and there were massive gap downs or gapups which made entry impossible. By the time there was some sense came of what market was doing, we were mid rally.

  3. From last two weeks even brokers started blocking short selling on some particular scrips. In hedged trades we enter two trades at a time. Firstly, volatility was not letting enter on prices as bid offer was upset. Secondly, If first leg is taken, sometimes second leg scrip was blocked which was adding uncertainty of taking a position.

So I traded only my personal account. Ended up making a profit of ₹1,90,000/- for the month.

Trade Journal

Rohit Katwal

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