Profit ₹2,56,000/- for July 2020

This month could have been tremendous hadn't I made so many mistakes. For one, I indulged in Expiry trading, which resulted in loss on one expiry. For today, it was expiry that saved me. In last week of July, I also took some speculative trades in Bank Nifty which hampered my profit.

Carry forward positions gave a loss of ₹57000/-. Started firefighting and covered it to get into a profit of ₹28,000/-. Fund made 1,20,000/- for the week.

Cummulatively, 28000+78000+50000+110000-10000 = 2,56,000/-. Its just shy away from 10% monthly return. Will improve in next week.

My #PMS fund made a profit of ₹5,21,000/-. That is a return of 5.6% on traded capital.

Some Happy Messages.

Trade Journal is Updated.

Holding no positions for tomorrow.

Happy Trading

Rohit Katwal

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