Profit of ₹42,000/- for expiry 02 Jun 2022

This particular expiry, I made a profit of ₹42,000/-. I started small on Friday with a small bullish position on Bank Nifty. On Monday, I sensed market to be bullish to sideways and created some more put ratio calendars. I also created some call ratio calendars in case the market goes sideways. By Wednesday I was out of these mentioned positions. Since gamma burst chances increase near to expiry, I chose the expiry of 9 Jun 2022 to create an Iron Fly which paid out beautifully and helped me close the week at 1.2% profit.

Here are the trades that I took:

Detailed analysis of these trades is done in this youtube video:

Already have some Iron Flies open for next week. Lets see how they pan out.

Happy Trading

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