Update - 13 April 2020

  • Market started normal and immediately went into negative territory.

  • I sold #BankNifty call of 21000 @ ₹90 with SL at 142 and it got hit making a loss of ₹12,000/-.

  • I sold the same strike with cost to cost strike 3 times before it gave me a gain of ₹8000/-.

  • Then I sold 20000 CE at 438 which I covered at 312. It covered initial stoploss that I hit and I became breakeven.

  • Throughout day, I became bearish, then bullish and in the end, I chose to remain bearish. I have sold 9300 CE 6 lots at 66.36 and bought 9600 monthly call at 138. I expect ₹15,000/- profit out of this trade.

  • I also created a bear call spread at #SBIN. I sold a 180 CE and bought a 200 CE.

  • This is how my overall position looks now:

Rohit Katwal

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