Update - 14 November 2018

  • So far so good. After an expected bounce or gapup, Nifty has fallen and Bank Nifty is struggling.

  • It is fine as up move is followed by a retrace to median.

  • I am considering today's low as a stop loss as I am expecting a shooting star tomorrow.

  • If we are to make a bear candle today then shooting star won't happen tomorrow.

  • Failure to move up or bounce a little from here is not good.

  • Vix has also moved up again. Vix needs to come down.

11:00 am - I tried to take put calender but luckily sold a next week put which immediately gave me ₹5/- benefit. Executed current week -5 X 25700 & next week +5 X 25500.

12:00 pm - Sold naked puts of -4 X 25500 of current month. Sold naked call of -3 X 26400. Its a strangle now between 25500 and 26400 for overnight.

01:35 pm - Bank Nifty is out performing Nifty today. Or nifty is underperforming Bank Nifty. Either case, they have to move in little sync with each other which is not the case right now. I am considering exitting and locking in the profit and look for some other opportunity. If this is a fake volatility, then premiums should fall drastically.

02:05 pm - Thank God for saving me again and again. I exited all bullish bets. And reversed to bear call spreads. I even cut off my strangle.

02:35 pm - Exited all positions again. :)

02:45 pm - 1 Hourly chart was exactly at support and Bank Nifty at 25855 and I exitted positions and reversed again.

03:08 pm - If 25910 is broken to downside, I will exit and wont carry any positions. Although market is going up tomorrow, global factors can kick in any time. Nifty is struggling.

03:14 pm - Exited all positions. Currently standing at a profit of 24000. Not carrying forward any position.

Here are the trade positions:

9 November 2018 - 15 November 2018.xlsx

Rohit Katwal

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