Update - 15 April 2020

These were the positions I was carrying:

1. #AXISBANK - Made an exit at around 433. After that it touched 447. I think it was a fake up move and came down later but gave me a loss of ₹6000/-. I don't keep over night options if it is ITM and I am on the sell side.

2. #INFY #SBIN #INDUSINDBK are all going fine.

3. #Nifty Ratio Calendar: This is how I managed it;

  • Sold 9100 Put and booked profit in that.

  • Sold 9200 Put and booed minor loss in that.

  • Sold 9100 Put later but market crashed. Sold 9100 Call and created a calendar and position got balanced. But fall was much steeper so I closed this straddle at loss. To my good luck this fall went till 8900 levels.

  • Covered profit on 9300 CE at around 19. Sold 9200 CE in its place.

  • Covered profit on 9200 CE at around 20. Sold 9100 CE in its place.

  • Covered monthly 9600 CE at around 80.

  • Holding 9100 CE naked for tomorrow.

4. #BankNifty gave intraday loss. But later sold 20000 Ce at around 80 and still holding it naked.

5. Yesterday on group I mentioned that heavyweights are giving sell signals and I will take those trades on intraday trigger.

Apart from ITC, all the stocks generated sell signals on intraday and were reason for steep fall in Nifty today. This is the reason I was bearish on Monday. Somehow the initial gap up screwed my positions.

6. #RELIANCE - Went bearish and sold 1200 CE and bought 1240 CE.

7. #HDFCBANK - Sell triggered and sold 960 CE naked.

Couldn't keep eye on others so didnt execute Maruti, M&M and ICICI Bank.

Here are how the open positions look right now:

Trade Journal is updated.

Rohit Katwal

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