Update - 16 January 2019

  • As market opened, Bank Nifty shot up, which felt like it was going to go up or going to remain bullish. I closed my bull put spread at 27100, 26900 and shifted it to 27200, 27000.

  • I am still holding on to my call calendar I took yesterday. I even added another 5 lots to it. Its a combination of 27700, 28100. Plus I added a single lot of naked call at 27800.

  • I also took a put calendar at 27300, 26900. Later when it moved in my direction and premium came down, I executed another 5 lots at 27300, 26800. When taking calendars, I try to take them near to expiry and when premium on both the legs are almost same.

  • Nifty consolidated for the day. I hope it shoots up tomorrow. So does Bank Nifty.

  • Bank Nifty seems to be sideways and consolidating right now with a bullish bias. Well, technically we are bullish, but for the last 2 3 days derivative data suggests sideways to bearish bias. So I suspect we are expiring sideways. Also, there are chances of sudden spurts, so I would exit positions when I feel premiums are low enough.

Here are the positions:

Here is the updated sheet:

14 January 2019 - 17 January 2019.xlsx

Rohit Katwal

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