Update - 20 April 2020

This is how I have done adjustment to my existing positions:

1. #INFY - Cost to cost exit. Did not create new position due to pending results.

2. #RELIANCE - Cost to cost exit. Reversed and sold 1120 naked put at ₹20/-. Yesterday was getting bullish signs.

3. #SBIN - Rejected downside. Banking sector as a whole was giving bullish signals. Sold a 180 PE which if right can cover loss and give profits.

4. #HDFCBANK - Was carrying naked call sold at 960. Results were on Saturday, so bought a 1000 call as a hedge for weekend. Today covered the hedge cost to cost. HDFC Bank remained strong through out day, so bought 1000 CE of May 2020 expiry.

5. #JUBLFOOD - Getting bullish signals. Sold a naked 1350 put at ₹26/-. Still deciding to convert it into a cash secured put.

6. #RBLBANK - Did not announce this trade as I was not sure but it did trigger and I sold 130 CE and bought 150 CE. It is in profit.

7. #Nifty -

  • Calendar at -9300 CE 23 April & +9400 CE 30 April is fine for now. I am expecting a sideways to bullish movement so should remain fine as long as it is below 9400. In case it breaks down, I plan to sell naked half quantity of 9200 CE.

  • Calendar at -9500 23 April, +9800 30 April is working fine.

  • Created a bullish calendar at 9000 PE, 8600 PE today as I am sideways to bullish.

8. #BankNifty -

Calendar at -21500 CE 23 April, +22000 CE 30 April is fine for now. For added security, I sold 2 extra calls of 21400 CE 23 April.

9. #INDUSINDBK - My profit stands at 58,000/-, so thinking of clearing this position now.

Here are the open positions now:

Trade Journal is updated.

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