Update - 21 November 2018

Not an expected start to market, but I think market has to make high for the day first before moving down. India Vix at the start was down by 7 percent. Now it is again at yesterday level despite temporary rise in market. I have added more positions to the short side. Despite naked calls sold yesterday, I am selling Bear Call Spreads totally hedged.

  • Bear Call Spread -3 X 25500 & +3 X 25700.

  • Bear Call Spread -5 X 25400 & +5 X 25600.

10:30 am - The way Nifty has fallen, bank nifty will follow.

12:48 pm -the channel of 26215 and 26250 is important. If we fall below it, I will hold, else will exit at whatever loss.

01:41 pm - I booked loss at 26220.

01:45 pm - I am taking last trade to neutralize the realized loss.

03:05 pm - My positions closed at a loss of ₹15000/- collectively. But suddenly margin requirement for 30 lots increased to 13 lakh from 10 lakh. May be some problem at my broker end. Also I want to take position in bullish side, but premium at call side is extremely high and put side is not worth the risk.

I will add more positions in later part of the day. Will update admin positions at eod.

Here are my open positions:

16 November 2018 - 22 November 2018.xlsx

Rohit Katwal

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