Update - 22 April 2020

Even after yesterday's sell of I mentioned that I am sideways to bullish. Following are the positions I am holding right now:

I have excluded the Nifty and Bank Nifty trades from it. What was initially a calendar is now a total custom trade and can be viewed in my excel sheet.

1. #HDFCBANK - Still holding the call calendar. I expect to close this in profit by end of month.

2. #JUBLFOOD - Still going well.

3. #KOTAKBANK - I might have to book loss in Kotak Bank. It is third time this stock has given me a wrong trade despite every good signal. I am hoping in next 6 days it does not cross 1200.

4. #RBLBANK - It was initially a bear call spread. Once 110 was breached to downside there was no hedging benefit of 150 CE buy so cleared it and saved ₹2 in premium. Further sold 1 lot of 130 CE today.

5. #RELIANCE - Covered 1120 put at ₹5 due to margin requirement for other positions. Had sold an additional 1220 PE in morning at ₹18/-.

6. #SBIN - Strangle of SBIN was giving trouble when it breached 183 but is not in a safe territory again.

I have started doing Pre-Expiry and Expiry trading again. Today with some leverage, I did direction neutral strategies which gave me Intraday ₹7000/- in profit. I am carrying forward 2 sold lots of 18500 PE on Bank Nifty.

I am hoping for a positive expiry around 9200+ levels tomorrow unless something catastrophic happens.

Rohit Katwal

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