Update - 24 July 2019

  • My analysis of market being sideways was wrong by 300 points on Bank Nifty and Nifty by 100. Still I was not worried as I lost only ₹4000/- which is always recoverable.

  • Problem is when you make a big loss then it becomes unbearable because everyday less premium is available.

  • As soon as I closed my Iron Flies, I entered into Nifty Strangles of -11350 CE, -11200 PE.

  • I made Intraday Profit of ₹2600/- on pre-expiry day trading.

  • Currently, I am holding -8X29200 CE, -8X28700 PE &-7X11200 PE, -7X11350 PE.

  • Tomorrow, I will cover them slowly.

Here are the net positions:

Updated Trade Sheet:

22 July 2019 - 25 July 2019.xlsx

Rohit Katwal

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