Update - 24 May 2019

  • Elections are over and BJP won with majority. Or I can say NDA. Whatever, uncertainty is over. I was not planning on taking a trade today, but Vix fell by 15% and I went bullish.

  • I executed for my self Bank Nifty Puts -5X30100 +5X29800. I also executed Nifty Puts -4X11600 +4X11400.

  • For my PMS Clients, I executed a one step down spread for safety.

  • Later when market moved +600 points, I rolled over my positions in profit to Bank Nifty Puts -5X30500 +5X30200. I did not roll over my Nifty positions.

  • For clients, I again rolled over one step down to my positions.

Here is the overall position:

Rohit Katwal

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