Update - 25 October 2018

Have taken most of my tradesand now it is waiting time for me. I have mostly sold 25300 calls. I have room left for 2 more trades of 5 lots each which I will execute if there is a bounce.

I am expecting a violent move. I will test patience. But still I think my options sold are in safe place. I will hedge by buying 25100 calls if need arise.

02:30 pm - I have closed all my open positions at profit. For mere Rs. 1500/- I didnt want to sit at risk. My current broker doesnt allow letting OTM options expire worthless and I was not sure at what price I would get out if there was a counter movement. I am not carrying any overnight positions either. Tomorrow ICICI Bank results are pending and trend is also not clear so I better give it a day or two.

Note - I will update my analysis in the morning but can be late. This expiry was little difficult and it takes a toll on you. Need some quality sleep.

This is how my net positions look now. Will update my exact profit for week in the evening when I get margin report.

I have updated the trade diary and my open positions are: -

19 October 2018 - 25 October 2018.xlsx

Rohit Katwal

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