Update - 26 October 2018

In the middle of shifting broker. I will not take a trade today.

Avoid going short at this moment. Can be a trap.

03:05 pm - Took 1 Bull Put Spread with credit of Rs. 40. PCR made a historic low at .47. I think there will be a sharp bounce back in this week. This is a risky trade I am willing to take.

Holding -3 X 24000 & +3 X 23800. But sensed the trend is not right and momentum is fast so exited. Will look for better conditions on Monday.

I am in no position now. 24400 was my point that I wanted to test for a bounce, but a fall seemed imminent so I exited with a minor loss of -700 for the day. Will see on monday if there is any opportunity. Right now bearish and bullish are both strategy prone to higher losses. India Vix moved up again. It takes 40 50 days to cool down, so till then it is better to be at bearish side, but that cannot happen on the bottom. I will wait for a retrace.

Rohit Katwal

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