Update - 5 November 2018

I tried adding a simultaneous order through nest for 5 lots of a bull put spread, but there was some error and it only sent 1 leg. So I ended up executing 10 lots bull put spread -10 X 25300 & +10 X 25100.

Still have margin for 3 lots to sell. Can sell further by exiting the ratio call spread on the higher side. I have used this swing low to take a bullish position. If we swing any higher than previous day high, I might add some short calls.

Here are my overall positions. I won't be updating my spreadsheet apart from posting orderboook and admin positions. Will update the sheet only when final profit or loss for the week has been logged. Also updating it continuously hinders my trading process.

Added another 2 lots of bull put spread at lower levels.

11:15 am - If Bank Nifty doesnt bounce above 25650 soon, I will consider exiting my near bull put spread.

011:35 am - Squared off my ratio spreads. Added another -5 X 25300 & +5 X 25100 Bull Put Spread.0

02:09 pm - Added a bear call spread as I sense market will remain range bound.

03:25 pm - We had a little breakout in the end against my assumption. I closed the bear call spread at loss. Booked profit at lowest Bull Put spread and rolled it over to 25500. Had extra margin with which I initated a naked call sell of 26100. Over all position again changed and looks like this now.

Rohit Katwal

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