Profit ₹10,200 for 03 December - 06 December 2018

  • Closed my week at a profit of ₹10,200/- only.

  • The wild swing of today is exactly the reason I do not do expiry trading now. With advent of expiry traders on margin, market makers tend to give false breakout which causes whole profit to sink. Even if you are right, the options prices change so fast that in the blink of eye you are standing at a mark to mark negative of -30,000 from +30,000. I do not want that kind of risk.

  • I executed a bear call spread and I was sure it will expire worthless. Spread was at difference of 2 and 1 but I didn't book it. And then the volatility of 200 points came and I exited the spread.

  • I will continue to trade light positions till second week of December as it is eventful.

Positions are updated in the sheet:

3 December 2018 - 6 December 2018.xlsx

Rohit Katwal

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