Why would someone who can "make millions" trading stocks waste their time selling trading courses?

I am a trader. I am not making millions right now but I will in few years. And yes I plan to do paid workshops.

I have seen some answers where people are saying they are not profitable and selling course is a sure profitable way.

All my trades these days are on my blog Home | Rohit Katwal which any one can visit and check my live trades and see how I trade.

On why sell trading courses, I can tell you my reasons:

  1. My system is defined based on market conditions. There are days when I trade, days when I dont. It's a way to monetize your expertise in those days when we don't trade.

  2. A side business which helps other and puts money in your pocket is never a bad idea.

  3. Traders are self employed. We are our own boss. And I admit life sometime get boring. It's the only way for us to socialize in a productive way.

  4. Being a trader, I am addicted to days when market is on. Even if it is dull. Do you know how difficult it is to sit out on Holidays, Saturdays and Sundays waiting for the market to open.

  5. It builds your brand which in turn markets you more for PMS services.

  6. Repeating number 2 again, being a trader doesn't mean we are not allowed to make money other ways. Why do reliance industries ventured in Jio. Why do tata have salt to software business.

Its all about that extra money we can earn when we are not trading.

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Short answer is Yes. I have been trading in stock markets for last 10+ years and for 8 years our of that I have been an Options Trader. Trading is like any other business. You buy low and sell higher.