Reverse ORB


Capital Requirements

Capital Required - ₹2,25,000/-

Deployment - Equity Intraday

Execution - 5 Days a week


Our Charges are for Software Services provided i.e. providing algorithm setup and its continuous maintenance and upkeep. 

One Time Subscription Charge for Algorithm - 1% of Multiplier

Quarterly Maintenance Charge for Algorithm - 20% of Net Profit Generated with Algorithm 

---- If quarter is in loss, we carryforward the loss to next quarter and only charge when account is in cumulative profit. For eg. 

1st Quarter   - profit ₹100,000/-. KAM will charge 20% as software fees.

2nd Quarter  - loss of ₹ 20,000/-. No Charge. 

3rd Quarter   - profit of ₹100,000/-. Cumulative profit is ₹80,000/-. KAM will charge 20% i.e. ₹16,000/-.

Feel free to contact us at or message us via telegram on

How to subscribe this algo?

  1. Fill the consent form by clicking the button given at the bottom of the page.

  2. We will contact you and open your account with recommended broker with algo setup. 

  3. It requires 7-8 days to open an account as some physical documents are required. 

  4. Once your account is set, transfer funds to your account for required multiplier.

  5. We start running the algo while you enjoy.

  6. You can monitor your account any time.